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New CHIMERA simulations page (Series B)

We have updated the four CHIMERA simulations for 12-25 solar mass progenitors and provide some details and downloadable content on this page.

Simulation details

These models (designated Series B) are started from the pre-supernova progenitors of Woosley & Heger (2007) using 256 angular (theta) zones and 512 radial zones. The initial state extends to 20000-30000 km, which is in the oxygen-rich layers of the progenitor. We use a modern and detailed neutrino-matter interaction set and the Lattimer-Swesty K=220 MeV nuclear matter equation of state. We use an axisymmetric spherical-polar (r-theta) grid and evolve the models from collapse, through core bounce, to shock revival and explosion.

The four simulations, designated B12-WH07, B15-WH07, B20-WH07, and B25-WH07 are initialized from the 12, 15, 20, and 25 solar mass Woosley-Heger progenitors respectively.

Model Progenitor
B12-WH07 12 solar mass
B15-WH07 15 solar mass
B20-WH07 20 solar mass
B25-WH07 25 solar mass

Paper and plots

Relation to previous simulations

These models are similar, but not identical to previous simulations (retroactively designated Series A) reported in Bruenn et al. (2009). Relative to Series A, these models (Series B) have several improvements and changes to the code and input physics. These include:

Series B models have 512 radial zones (rather than 256) and extend further out into the progenitor.

Series B models use the K=220 MeV version of the Lattimer-Swesty equation of state (rather than K=180 MeV). This reflects better the revised upper limit for neutron stars.

Series B models include neutrino scattering on positrons. (Though this is likely of little impact.)


Paper: Bruenn et al. 2012, submitted to ApJL, arXiv:1212.1747

Progenitors: Woosley & Heger 2007, Phys. Rep., 442 269

Dense nuclear EoS: Lattimer & Swesty 1991, Nuc. Phys. A, 535, 331